Making your visit to Ardlui Retreat as pleasurable as possible.

We are continually striving to improve the lodge facilities on offer at Ardlui Retreat and do our best to cater for all ages and tastes.

Kid’s Playground

The patio areas of Nevis and McDhui lodges are great suntraps and also are in the direct line of sight of Ardlui Marina and our own private kid’s playground so Mum and Dad can sit back and relax whilst kids (big and small) run riot in our excellent, modern and completely enclosed playground.

Complimentary boat/water vehicle mooring

Whether you have a speedboat, canoe, jetski or dinghy, we offer free mooring throughout your stay at Ardlui Retreat.

Loch Lomond Hot Tub

If you’ve had a day out or in Loch Lomond or simply just want to unwind, each booking comes with complimentary 24hour access to our Hot Tub room. It’s regularly cleaned, permanently heated, seats up to 6 people and is a great way to end the day.

The best BBQ location in Loch Lomond!

Regardless of the Loch Lomond weather, if you fancy a barbecue you can use our amazing Finnish BBQ Hut. You’d be hard placed to find a better location for a Loch Lomond BBQ!