Where is Ardlui?

Ardlui is a small Scottish village, more specifically a hamlet, within the region of Loch Lomond, The Trossachs, Stirling and Forth. Nestled in the north-west corner at the head of Loch Lomond, Ardlui is surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Proudly bearing Scotland’s first National Park, this is beautiful Scotland in all her glory. Snow-capped peaks and gentle expanses of water all framed by the glorious green of forests and glens. Peaceful, picturesque, and positively breath-taking; prepare to be inspired.

Quite literally the heart of Scotland, Ardlui is bordered by Glasgow and the Clyde valley to the south-west, with Edinburgh and the Lothian to the south-east. Two of the most well-known cities in Scotland, each has its own very distinct personality. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. Home of many famous landmarks and world class attractions, there is always something going on. Step off the mainstream however and you will find a world of winding medieval alleyways and the cloak and dagger chill of history. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is one of the most popular city destinations in the UK. Cooler than cool, Glasgow is the urban heartbeat of Scotland and a centre for cutting edge culture.

The Kingdom of Fife lays to the east of Ardlui, with Argyllshire to the west. An area of fishing villages and miles of unspoilt beaches, this region is home to St Andrews; known best for the oldest university in Scotland (and a rather prestigious one at that) and as The Home of Golf. This is Scottish elegance at her best, all impressive architecture and winding streets. On the other side, Argyllshire and the Isles winds up the west coast. The rugged coastline hugs the mainland with Oban at the helm; the largest town in the region and The Gateway to the Isles. The Isles being the many small islands that are dotted around this pocket of the Atlantic Ocean.

Finally, Perthshire lies to the north-east. Here you will find the village of Scone (pronounced skoon); the historical hub of all Scotland. This is the Scotland of turbulent Royal history, all guillotines and heaving bodices. The original home of the Stone of Destiny, Scone saw the crowning of Scotland’s kings at Scone Palace.

Beyond that, to the north, lies the wild and rugged Highlands; an area as large as all of the previously mentioned regions put together.

As the gateway to the Highlands, and the heart of Scotland, Ardlui, Loch Lomond, and the surrounding areas have seen it all and survived to tell the tale. A visit to Ardlui Retreat means that you are surrounded by the very best that Scotland has to offer. And much, much more.